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I'm Mariel Labajos, but I’m also known online as ‘Charburst’!

I am a concept artist and illustrator based in Chicago who creates digital illustrations through crisp linework and vibrant color palettes. I hold a BFA in Illustration from the American Academy of Art.

My love for video games and artwork has been a constant

source of inspiration in the work that I create for myself.

As I find enjoyment in bringing other people’s ideas to life;

I always give 100% in what I do. 

As an artist who works within the video game industry- I've always wanted to work on games not only because

of my undying passion for colorful, heartfelt, and lovingly made games, but also because I see it as my way of giving back to

a community that helped me as I grew up. The characters kept

me company, and the beautiful visuals and incredible storytelling provided a world for me that I didn’t want to leave.

It is an incredible honor to be able to contribute to the same industry that helped me grow since I was a kid.


  • Intel Gaming

  • ParallaxStella

  • Jirard the Completionist

  • Studio Not Suspicious

  • Thirteen Games [Nova Island]

  • Cozy Bee Games [Bunny Park]

  • Sanshee

  • DreamHack

  • Sleepy Castle Studio [Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle]

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