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Terms of Service

All Commission prices are determined and discussed between the artist and client as soon as the request has been submitted. I am (and not limited to) able to do Icons, Half and Full-body work, as well as banners, merchandise designs, concept work, and full illustrative work.

To help get a rough idea of my pricing here are my base prices for standard commissions:

Icons/Bust shots: $60

Half Body: $70

Full Body $80

Note that these are base prices! Price will go up depending on complexity. This goes for all types of commissions.

I will not do any explicit work or work that is harmful in any way. I retain the right to refuse to do a commission.

I will not start on the commission until at least half of the invoice is paid, and will only send the finished piece as soon as the invoice is paid in full. I will also not send process work if requested unless half of the invoice is paid.

If the situation arises where a drastic revision is needed (e.g. pose/character/background change) a revision fee will be added to the invoice at the discretion of the client and the artist.

All Payments are made through Paypal invoice! Please use an email that I could send an invoice to.

Please remember you are purchasing a digital commission and will not be sent a physical package.

By submitting a request you are agreeing to all of the terms mentioned above.

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